Spa treatments and Massages

Grottella SPA asks first of all a question:
What experience do you want to live today?
Enter a world of exclusive wellness, choose the type of massage you prefer to regenerate your body.


Ridona sollievo a un'area specifica del tuo corpo donandoti benessere e relax

€ 30.00 p.p - 20'min


Il Cupping massage è una tecnica di origine antichissima, oggi ottimizzato grazie all’utilizzo di speciali coppette in silicone. È un massaggio localizzato e profondo, anticellulite, drenante e fortemente rassodante.

Durata: 50’ 60€



Tecnica d’ispirazione ayurvedica dedicata alle donne in dolce attesa, per sentirsi più belle e in forma; oltre a assodare e stimolare la microcircolazione cutanea è di grande aiuto per alleviare dolori alla schiena, crampi e tensioni, soprattutto dei piedi e dei polpacci.
Si consiglia di effettuare questo massaggio dal terzo mese di gravidanza e durante l’allattamento.



Timing  50’ 60.00€

Water bed Massage

Water bed and chromotherapy "Water Emotion" the muscles relax ... chromotherapy gives serenity!
A unique massage where we combine the technique of our operators and the innovative technology of the water bed with chromotherapy
Herbal tea and shortbread relaxation area
SPA kit supplied (bathrobe, towel and slippers)
€ 45.00  p.p - 30'min      € 55.00  p.p - 50'min  

(exclusively individual treatment)


Thermal Oil It is practiced with bamboo rods with a roller movement on the fabrics, called roulage, against blemishes such as water retention, stretch marks and cellulite Promotes fluid drainage in the lymphatic system and tissue regeneration (40 minutes)
Relax area
SPA kit (bathrobe, towel and slippers)
€ 60.00 p.p.  50'


Ayurvedic treatment that is carried out with bags containing herbs and essential oils soaked in hot oil, recommended in case of fatigue, joint pain and contracted muscles (45 minutes) Relax area SPA kit (bathrobe, towel and slippers)  60.00  p.p - 50'min

Stone massage

It is a massage with hot lava stones accompanied by a unique essence of essential oils. Treats mind and body, inspired by the culture of Indians native to North America. Promotes general relaxation, relieves joint tension and benefits muscle stiffness. Wrapping you in a unique emotional experience
€ 60.00 p.p. 50 min

Sensuality massage, him & her

The perfect well-being of a couple to share in the same cabin side by side to rediscover the sweetness and vitality of harmony in two.
Carried out with a precious candle to pure vegetable oils and emollient butter, and the inebriating smell of fresh lemons that will envelop you to savor together a splendid harmony and a moment of total abandonment.
30 '- € 80.00

Relaxant / Antistress massage

Thanks to the aromatherapy with intoxicating scents, make this massage literally divine, letting yourself be carried away by sensations, find contact with your deepest self.
Relaxing and psycho-relaxing massage with exclusive bland of aromatic oils. Slow and deep maneuvers induce an intense state of well-being, removing tension and stress.

30 '- € 40.00 p.p.